Third and last auction fic: The fault…is not in our stars.

I finally finished my last auction fanfic. I had only offered one for FandomTrumpsHate but the mods asked if people were willing to write for the second highest bidder. In a moment of insanity I agreed!

The problem was that it was, to me, a new fandom. I had, admittedly, offered to write anything! So, I had to binge watch the first season of the show (Star Trek Discovery) and then find a friend who already knew it to hold my hand through plotting and writing. It was also a het pairing which is not something I write frequently. Plus, it was a canon romance so I had to be doubly careful. However, I managed to twist canon to give the characters an extra mission on another planet and had fun creating aliens for interaction.

I’m glad, on the whole, that I offered to write for the auctions. They were both very good causes. Fandom For Australia was for charities with a focus on the aftermath of the fires, and FandomTrumpsHate was for a variety of charities including justice for migrant children, gay rights, and other causes I support.

I did contribute a small amount to various charities anyway, but thought that writing and having my bidders contribute was a way to make extra for them!

I might offer again but I think I would be careful only to offer fandoms I’m already familiar with. All three requests were very specific and required a lot of research and careful watching of episodes. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it – I did – but it was very time consuming, and to add to that, it was hard to find beta readers/proof readers who were also familiar with the fandoms because of course my friends and usual readers tend to share my tastes!

So, to recap:

*A story in Star Trek Picard for Fandom For Australia. I ended up loving the show as much as my giftee does but again it meant a lot of time catching up! And the pair she wanted spent all of ten minutes together on screen plus it had to be an ‘everybody lives; nobody dies’ story to make sense of the request.

*A story in SGA for FandomTrumpsHate, with a rare alien/human pairing. That was hard but once I’d got my head round it the idea was fun to explore.

*A story in Star Trek Discovery, also for FandomTrumpsHate. Canon het romance but one which is in some ways doomed so working out a plot was hard. Also, needed binge watching.

My stories are on AO3 and are all getting kudos which is nice. The SGA giftee is thrilled with their fic, which is good. I haven’t heard from the other two yet. I hope they’re equally pleased.

The graphic for this post was made by me in Photoshop and Paint using two promotion photographs of the main characters in my Discovery story, on a background of stones by James Coleman (free download on Unsplash).

Enemy Mine: another fanfiction story

I’m telling you about my fanfiction again because I spent a great deal of time this year writing for the Fandom Trumps Hate and Fandom For Australia auctions in which someone bids for your work. The highest bidder gets a fic and pays to a specified charity. I foolishly agreed to write another fic for my second highest bidder in FTH and am still working on that.

My highest bidder wanted Stargate Atlantis, which is one of my fandoms, and requested an unusual human/alien pairing. I had great fun researching and writing the story and so far, people seem to like it.

Writing fanfiction is interesting and in no way do I regard it as less valuable than my original work. It does require slightly different skills with regard to plot, location and character, but it demands the same attention to language and story structure.

I explored the breakdown of team dynamics in the face of one member moving in a different direction, and possible aspects of the culture of an alien race who were only ever depicted in the show as a stereotypical enemy.

The story is very loosely based on canon, with an alternative perspective on some events, until near the end when it veers off into an alternative universe altogether with a happy ending. I think if you know the show at all you will probably find it all makes sense, but I also think anyone who doesn’t know the show and characters might find the story confusing at times because I condensed various references to canon in order not to spend ages writing about things fans already know.

Readers might notice that all the chapter headings are based on quotations from various books, shows and songs. The graphics are by me. The title is the title of a film I like which also has a human/alien romance though nothing else in common with my story.

Anyway, some of you might like sci-fi and some of you might like the human/alien romance. If so, give it a try and I hope you enjoy it!

The ballad of o guerreiro

Just a brief post to let you know what I’ve been doing. The first of my fandom auction fics is posted. My winner in the Fandom For |Australia auction is a close friend and when she asked for this particular pairing I had to watch the show rapidly! My story has spoilers for Season 1 so unless you’ve either watched or don’t intend to watch, don’t read! It was hard work turning ten minutes of screen time into ten thousand words but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I hope some of you will enjoy it too. I especially hope my giftee likes it!

I don’t often mention my fanfic here but thought I would since it occupied a huge chunk of my time and was also for a very worthwhile cause. I think between us my winner and I contributed a great deal more than buying the odd bracelet!

So, if you’d like to read the result, see

…and… I also offered for Fandom Trumps Hate.

will take you to the main site of the organisation.

It’s basically an American thing but as so much of the hate-speech on social media is generated in America and then goes world-wide I feel it’s a good cause to support. I’d be more than happy to support a similar movement in Europe but so far as I know, there isn’t one!
My creator page is:

And yes, I say between 5-10k but if a prompt really interests me I’m likely to write more, even a lot more! So length is negotiable!

I would also like to mention a friend’s page:

is MistressKat’s page. She’s a brilliant writer (you might remember my rave review of Vlarian Oath). (Totally off topic, last night she managed to fine tune this site of mine to remove an unwanted tag and re-establish my icon for commenting elsewhere. I ought to contribute to something somewhere for that alone but instead, I made dinner…)

As with the Australian site, go browse, and if anything appeals to you (not just our offers) bid!

Fandom For Australia

I write, and I write fanfiction, so when I heard about Fandom For Australia it made sense to sign up. I have a lot of friends in Australia and have been distressed by the recent fires. I’ve donated to a couple of charities and a couple of sponsored events but wanted to do more. is running a fic auction to benefit Australian charities for the relief of various issues arising from the fires.

I haven’t done this kind of fic auction before, but I’ve made a ‘creator page’ and I’m hoping for bids for me to write a fanfic. And that means, of course, that I’m hoping one of you will bid!

Any of my fandoms would be fine – you can get a full list by looking at my AO3 dashboard and clicking on ‘Expand Fandoms List’. But I’ve mentioned my ‘main’ fandoms.
I’ve promised at least 1000 words but knowing myself, any story is likely to be longer than that. So if you’d like me to write in a particular fandom or even to a specific prompt, bid for my services!
There was a viewing period, which I’ve managed to miss, but bidding starts today and my creator page is:

If none of my offerings appeal, you might find others that do! Anything that raises money for the cause is welcome!

Another fanfiction meme

One of my Dreamwidth fandom friends introduced me to this meme. If you’re interested in my fanfic writing, you can find it on Archive Of Our Own and my pseudonym is moth2fic

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, & answer the following questions!
(Even with everything expanded I found it hard to access some of the information.)

How many works do you currently have on the Archive?
I currently have 90 works on AO3.

What’re your 1st & 2nd most common work ratings?
I couldn’t get the numbers for these without going through all 90…
Not rated – this is my own ‘default’. It includes sex and violence and saves argument.
Gen – a few that really didn’t deserve to be not rated…

What’s your most common archive warning?
Creator Chose Not To Use Archive warnings

Least common archive warning?
I only ever use Creator Chose Not To Use Archive warnings or No Archive Warnings Apply

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
I’m not sure what other people consider adventurous! I write in a lot of fandoms (40, though some of those are fusions, crossovers and drabbles). I adapt my style for different fandoms. I don’t write much kink though have some incest and threesomes. I tend to steer clear of too much violence, and the sex, whilst explicit, is usually vanilla. So adventurous in terms of wandering around, but unadventurous in terms of staying within my comfort zones.

How many works have you made in each pairing category?
I have no idea how to work this out without going through all 90. Most of my work is M/M but occasionally there is a fic or ficlet with Gen, F/M (especially for minor characters), F/F and Multi.

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
I prefer slash in fanfic. If I want F/M fiction I’ll usually look to canon or to ‘official’ books based on canon. Or to original fic. That’s in terms of reading, but obviously it influences what I write.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers?
The Professionals (16)
Stargate Atlantis (11)
Harry Potter (11)
Lewis (9)

Are you still active in any of them, & do you tend to migrate a lot?
I’m less active than I used to be as a writer, partly because I spend more time on my original fic. I’m active in the sense of following communities and news, and of course commenting and I usually read challenges and big bangs. I do beta work for other writers, too. I also follow some other fandoms e.g. Bandom, in which I never write. I don’t migrate – once ‘hooked’ I never leave – but I am very multi-fandom.

What are your top 4 relationship tags?
I could only find 3.
William Bodie/Ray Doyle
John Sheppard/Rodney Mackay
Robbie Lewis/James Hathaway
All the rest are one-offs; if I wrote much Harry Potter there would be Harry/Draco but the fic count goes up because I’ve written a series of crossovers with Lewis and the pairing in the series is the Lewis one.

Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
I’m not puzzled. I tend to see all shows and books with a kind of shadow agenda where the characters behave differently because of things like alternate universes. I like getting to the core of a character and asking myself what would happen if they were born or employed etc. in a different place or time or if they interacted with characters from another fandom. I don’t write rpf unless I’m being satirical so I don’t have to deal with the real families of actors. Canon ‘realities’ are infinitely amendable.

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, & your bottom 2?
The top two are:
alternate universe and casefic. I just realised this applies to my original writing too!
and the bottom two are:
poetry and meta

What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
It might be hard to incorporate poetry and meta sensibly into a fic. There could be poems or lyrics in a story, and perhaps some meta aspects of the plot, I suppose. So I’d compose lyrics to fit and include a theme that had meta overtones.

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
I very rarely post WIPs. Only two spring to mind. The Thing (SGA) 2017 was written in response to prompts for each chapter or episode, as a prompt challenge. It was very interactive. Highway Robbery (multi-fandom) 2016 was written for some friends who volunteer for AO3 with their names and roles thinly disguised and I was getting feedback and encouragement from them each time I posted a chapter – it was easier to just put the chapters on the Archive for everybody than distribute them… Other than that, I finish work before I start posting. Any WIP that is unfinished, whether it will remain that way or not, is on my hard drive, not out in public. It’s vaguely possible that I could add to a couple of series but the fics stand on their own as they are. Incidentally, Highway Robbery has a tinge of meta because it deals with the issue of plagiarism in fanfiction.