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My books (all self published) are available on Amazon or Smashwords. I chose to use both platforms to cater for friends who have e-books that are not Kindles! For those who prefer not to shop at Amazon, I would point out that Smashwords offer mobi format. I have given the Amazon US details – readers elsewhere will be directed to the appropriate site. I have recently put the series The Skilled Investigators into Kindle Unlimited in the hope of getting a wider audience and this has meant removing the books from Smashwords. 
I use other people as beta readers and editors/proof readers but I do my own formatting and create my own covers.


    Series: The Skilled Investigators

A fantasy with elf detectives, a female heroine,  an intelligent dragon, and a sub plot of mm romance. The series follows Genef (an elf) and Scratch (a young dragon) through their training as Skilled Investigators (with magical skills). Genef’s mentor is Rath, an experienced Investigator who is in love with Genef’s brother Fel. The investigations concern murder and theft, and also involve humans who live in the same fantasy world. The series is complete.

The Scroll Genef leaves home and attempts to reach Lonis to begin her training. During her journey, she must deal with a series of murders, her brother’s flight from prejudiced attack and a young dragon, imprinted on her at hatching.

The Market Genef, Fel and Scratch sail for the Pepper Islands to Investigate the theft of some crown jewels. There is a murder on their ship, and then, on the island, Fel is kidnapped.

The Crown Genef, Rath and Scratch head for the Ice Country to seek the last of the jewels. They find murder, slavery, political problems and dragon killing.

The Lantern Genef, Rath and Scratch visit Rath’s home village on the coast to Investigate suspicious deaths. Fel joins them as they become involved with more death and the activities of wreckers.

The Road Genef and Rath are sent undercover into the human kingdom of Norveria to find out about the death of an elf. Their work takes them to the capital and beyond, and Genef meets again some of the men who threatened her in The Scroll.

The River Genef and Scratch return to Stoneyhill on what is supposed to be a holiday but they stumble on an attempted murder so Scratch is given his first real case. Rath and Fel join them temporarily, as do the human officers who helped them in The Road.

All volumes are now also available on Kindle Unlimited for readers with a subscription to that. 


    Series: Living Fae

(‘urban’ fantasy with fae living in Cheshire, UK, plus unicorns, with both mm and mf romance) The main characters are Harlequin and Yarrow, fae in an mm relationship, but the books also follow the lives and loves of their family and friends.

Growing Up Fae Harlequin grows up beneath Werneth Low then moves to Alderley Edge where he joins Yarrow, leader of the unicorn troop. Told in diary form, in Harlequin’s own words.

Tales From Tara This follows the periods of royal guard duty in Ireland, experienced separately by Harlequin and Yarrow. Other Tara fae are introduced and given their own tales. Because these events take place in Tara while either Harlequin or Yarrow is still in England, the timeline of this volume overlaps slightly with Growing Up Fae and with Flying Free.

Flying Free We learn more about the life and loves of Harlequin’s siblings. There are trips abroad, especially with Cobweb to Australia, but life still revolves round Alderley Edge.

On The Edge Harlequin and Yarrow need to reach some decisions about their relationship with Starling, Ferdy and Eichhorn. Meanwhile, there are departures and arrivals on Alderley Edge but in the end there will always be a fae community there.

This quartet of stories is complete in itself but may be followed by short stories about various characters. There is also a children’s book about the letters Moth wrote to a human child – this is free and can be found on my ‘Free stuff’ page.



stand-alone stories which are longer than short stories

The Lord of Shalott An mm take on Arthurian legend in which Jocelyn of Shalott seeks love despite his inability to conform to social norms.

Silkskin and the Forest Dwellers An mm version of the tale of Snow White set in mediaeval Great Zimbabwe.

Silver Chains A contemporary mm romance that finds two men from very different backgrounds and age groups falling in love.

In 2019 I published a Christmas free gift short story False Starts on Smashwords but decided to withdraw it. It is now permanently available as a pdf on my ‘Free stuff’ page.


    Collections of short stories:


Three Legends An mm approach to legends, one traditional, one designed to explain and encourage same sex romance, and one modern with a focus on magic.

Beating Hearts Five mm fantasy and sci fi stories




The Virgin and the Unicorn

This is a standalone mm romance set in a fantasy world approximately equivalent to our Regency period. It concerns an arranged marriage, a royal family, a hard working prince and his sister’s need for a unicorn horn for her dowry.

The Seekers

A standalone adventure involving twin fairy princes and their sister escaping an abusive father. Joined by a young goblin trader and a dark elf plus a talking bird and a cat, they explore a new continent and variously find their hearts’ desires. There are: a slow burn mm romance; two mf romances; an ACE character who falls in love with travelling.