Fandom For Australia

I write, and I write fanfiction, so when I heard about Fandom For Australia it made sense to sign up. I have a lot of friends in Australia and have been distressed by the recent fires. I’ve donated to a couple of charities and a couple of sponsored events but wanted to do more. is running a fic auction to benefit Australian charities for the relief of various issues arising from the fires.

I haven’t done this kind of fic auction before, but I’ve made a ‘creator page’ and I’m hoping for bids for me to write a fanfic. And that means, of course, that I’m hoping one of you will bid!

Any of my fandoms would be fine – you can get a full list by looking at my AO3 dashboard and clicking on ‘Expand Fandoms List’. But I’ve mentioned my ‘main’ fandoms.
I’ve promised at least 1000 words but knowing myself, any story is likely to be longer than that. So if you’d like me to write in a particular fandom or even to a specific prompt, bid for my services!
There was a viewing period, which I’ve managed to miss, but bidding starts today and my creator page is:

If none of my offerings appeal, you might find others that do! Anything that raises money for the cause is welcome!

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