Sounds of winter: day 5

Last Christmas: the official video. I make no apology for this. Those who are playing Whamageddon don’t need to click on the link. I know perfectly well that people (including me) get tired of hearing Wham’s Last Christmas reverberating round the supermarkets of the land every day in December. However, I was, way back in 2016, inspired to write an mm ficlet using the chorus. It’s fanfic of a kind and I posted it on my website, here. as a gift for readers. So here you are again!

And I have to say I’d give a lot to go to a supermarket whatever they were playing. I haven’t been in a shop since March and it looks likely March 2021 might be my date for freedom. I’m not sufficiently vulnerable to be in the first vaccine cohorts, but I’m close enough to remain as isolated as possible. So, as Classic FM doesn’t play Wham, I’m unlikely to hear this or any other Christmas pop this year! (Although I do have a Spotify playlist when I remember to listen to it.) Now that even the garden is out of bounds because of the weather I’m beginning to feel slightly claustrophobic.

The photograph is of some decorations (including hearts) in a exquisite Christmas village in Portugal, where everything they use is natural and locally made or sourced.

2 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 5

  1. Ha! Three bars in and I was hitting the back button.

    I braved Tesco because I wanted some suitable chocolatey gifts for the daughter’s stocking – like Prosecco and chocolate truffles, plus Lindt snowman … No music – shoppers are not encouraged to stay.

    • I got the chocolate for daughter (her birthday in on 22nd and I traditionally give her chocolates then) from Lakeland. Obviously, no music through the post!! There are no lights around here – I went out to my physio and thought I’d see some, but no. No window decorations either. This Christmas is going to be extremely low key!

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