Sounds of winter: day 4

Stop the Cavalry tells us to remember the soldiers who fought throughout the Christmas season of various wars (apart from the footballing truce of the first WW1 winter). It’s a piece that never fails to bring tears to my eyes and a chill to my heart. Jona Lewie sings it for us in this recording.  There is some clever use of language: ‘buzz’ words such as ‘cavalry’ which can evoke thoughts of calvary; Mary waiting at home, evoking thoughts of Mary waiting for the birth of her child; the use of ‘home for ‘Christmas’ which strikes a chord with so many. I absolutely love the music, especially the introductory phrases, and the use of brass instruments which marry the ideas of military bands and town centre carol singing.

The picture is by roxicons, and I hope the kitten is merely in a snowhole and not a dugout.

6 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 4

  1. It’s probably my favourite Christmas ‘pop’ song and I was thinking about why it has such a strong effect. Cleverly thought out lyrics – too much to be just serendipity, I think. I know when I write poetry I am actively looking for words that will have subliminal extra meanings, so I ‘studied’ this!

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