Sounds of winter: day 3

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas is one of those quirky songs that is both sweet and hilarious. I’ve gone for the ‘original’ version with a twist. Make sure you watch to the end. Gayla Peevie sings as a ten year old and then again, today, in her seventies. I am reminded of this song whenever I see advertisements asking me to adopt an animal and can’t help wondering how the postman (or Santa) would feel about delivering a snow leopard or a whale… Or for that matter what the neighbours would say!

Today’s picture is a somewhat recoloured picture of a toad or frog (I can’t remember what biologist daughter said) which arrived in our garden. Needless to say, the original was not wearing a hat.

4 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 3

  1. Of course – you’re another biologist! I thought he was a lovely visitor!! I was very amused when I first heard the song though the original was very ‘twee’ or ‘kitch’ or whatever. But then I discovered this – not sure who pointed me at it. She’s really lovely now, yes! I’m so glad I got to watch her!

  2. I’m trying to decide what to get my mother for Christmas. Do you think she’d like a hippopotamus? I could forewarn her care home to expect its arrival.

  3. Hmmm. A bear would be fluffier. And could the providers (of either hippo or bear) guarantee house training? If not, the care home might quarantine the gift until training was complete.

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