A new zine on the block

RoM/Mantic Reads is a new zine edited by my friend Fiona Glass. I was involved years ago when she ran Forbidden Fruit, a similar venture, and I know she expects high standards so if any of you enjoy m/m flash fiction (usually less than 1000 words) and articles I can recommend this! It’s on WordPress so you can ‘follow’ it and get notifications about updates. These will be irregular but reasonably frequent. I’m hoping to contribute myself. Here’s the link, and the first story is published!


6 thoughts on “A new zine on the block

  1. glows wow, thank you for the vote of confidence! But it’s not just me – there’s a whole gang of contributors involved including you, so stop hiding behind that sofa and step into the spotlight. 😉

  2. Hi, Jay (and Fiona), Sharon Ray here in case I stupidly post as anonymous again which as you know I’m apt to do on here. Thanks SO much for the rec, it’s a long time since I remember anyone doing that sort of thing, indeed it’s a long time since I remember anyone creating a zine, so well done Fiona and team, I’m thrilled for you and can’t wait to read!

  3. Hope you’ll enjoy it, Sharon. Yes, it’s ages since anyone did this and we have Fiona to thank though other people are joining in! I think the world moved on from the days of the old zine and similar ones, and we were lucky to have Fiona’s genius to come up with the new format! Feel free to reblog wherever you think people might be interested! I’ve posted to my FB of course, and have also posted to my DW and LJ accounts but those are f’locked.

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