What I watched in July 22

Stranger Things Seasons 2 and 3 ***** (Netflix) Worth watching for the acting abilities of the teens, the zany ideas, the 80s ambience etc. even if you find the small town horror story hard to swallow. Hooked.

Needless to say: politics! This month in UK the political programmes (which we watch anyway) have been more exciting than thrillers… Once the final two contenders to be next PM were chosen the interest died down.

An Undeclared War**** (All4). Very intelligent drama. Well acted. Centred round GCHQ. Yes, some of the plot was far fetched, but it was drama, after all, not docu-drama!

Paula Rego: Secrets and Stories **** (BBC4) Fascinating long look at the life of the acclaimed Portuguese artist who died recently in London. Really worth watching, for the insights into her life and art. I don’t personally ‘like’ her art but can admire it.

Imagine**** (BBC4) Alan Yentob explored the art of Cornelia Parker, a British artist.

A History of Art in Three Colours**** (BBC 4 so on iPlayer) We watched episode 2 out of 3 and I must find the others. James Fox explored the origins of the blue paint created from lapis lazuli. Really interesting programme.

Unvaccinated**** (iPlayer) Hannah Fry attempts to debate with anti-vaxxers who have a variety of reasons for distrusting the Covid vaccine. Interesting to hear their stories, and to follow her explanations.

Murder in the Alps*** (All4) Exploration of the still ongoing investigation into the murder of a British family in France about 10 years ago. The only (tentative) conclusions are incompetence or a possible cover up.

Rig 45: Murder at Sea.(All4) Abandoned. Somebody in Sweden clearly watched Vigil and thought something similar with Norwegian oil rigs and a Brit investigator might work. It didn’t. It was all in English which was jarring and was apparently because the lead actor only spoke English. With a change of lead for season 2 this changed but the subtitles were not clear. As one reviewer said, this didn’t matter much as most people had stopped watching. We only gave it one episode of season 1 before switching off so I only know about the lead change from reviews.

2 thoughts on “What I watched in July 22

  1. We gobbled up the first two seasons of Stranger Things and adored them. Now part way through season 3 and still enjoying it but much less so. It’s gone more ‘comic’ – both in terms of humour and in terms of 2D characters and focus on horror rather than the intriguing sci-fi. So many unanswered questions, dammit!

  2. We enjoyed season 4 though it became a bit disjointed because the main characters were geographically scattered. Looking forward to the eventual season 5 which is apparently to be the last.

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