New authors read in February

Early iris in Portugal, photoshopped a bit…

That’s authors new to me, not new authors, of course. Three highly recommended and two not!

The Apothecary’s Garden by Julie Bozza***** Totally delightful. For once, I’ve given five stars to something that is basically ‘just a romance’. It’s quite different – vast age gap, very slow burn, set against restoration of a mediaeval herb garden.

Foxes by Suki Fleet***** Eek!! Five stars for the totally brilliant writing. Death, abuse, life on the street, attempted suicide… I was so traumatised I couldn’t quite cope with the HFN ending. If you are interested in the themes, go ahead but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A Walrus and a Gentleman by Emmeline Strange **** Unusual shifter romance. The romance angle was sweet. The shifter was, yes, a walrus…

Murder at St Annes by JR Ellis*** Some poor writing and a bizarre crime in Knaresborough. I dithered about just 2 stars but the writing was sort of competent and I suppose the mystery is worth it for some readers.

Waiting for love by Sam Kraemer. Abandoned. I wasn’t keen on the main plot line which was following a weight loss camp, and the writing style wasn’t to my taste – it might appeal to others.

2 thoughts on “New authors read in February

  1. I adore Julie Bozza’s work. Given social norms, ‘The Apothecary’s’ Garden’ shouldn’t really work, but it does and it does it beautifully.

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