Some more February reviews

Some beautiful gin we were given at Christmas. W e haven’t opened it yet because we don’t want to lose the ‘flakes’. Any advice welcome.

Books by familiar authors

The brilliant:

A Killing Frost by Seanan McGuire*****+ The urban fantasy series that just gets better and better. This one wouldn’t make sense if you hadn’t read the earlier volumes but October Daye is the most fabulous ‘hero’. Her wedding to Tybalt is scheduled for the next volume, which is already in hardback, and although I don’t expect things to go completely smoothly I don’t think we can wait much longer (and I’m sure Tybalt can’t) since we’re now at volume 15…

Seasons: Psycops Briefs Volume Two by Jordan Castillo Price***** Victor Bayne just gets better and better too. These are short stories set at various points between the main novels. Absolutely marvellous but probably not accessible to people who haven’t followed the series. Victor and Jacob are a fascinating couple, both in their own right and because of their paranormal abilities.

The highly recommended:

Life Lessons by Kaje Harper**** Crime story with mm romance and a cop in the closet. Have bought the sequel.

Saving Ziggy by Alex Adams**** Dark mm about physically and emotionally damaged Ziggy in Liverpool. I didn’t enjoy the story but it was well written.

Dance with me, also by Alex Adams**** Quite exciting mm romance plus danger set in Chester (near me and rarely featured in books…) Will definitely get the sequel.

The Fairy Shop by Tara Lain**** Very sweet and magical mm romance with a delighful child centre stage.

Lessons in Keeping a Dangerous Promise by Charlie Cochrane**** The Cambridge Fellows mysteries are always worth reading but by now I suspect the reader needs to start with an earlier volume. Here the pair deal with a wartime promise to clear someone’s name.

All Hallows Eve by Annabel Jacobs**** An mm romance that is at risk from an ancestral ghost. By turns sweet and creepy! I should have read this at Halloween but it got forgotten…

The readable:

Home for a cowboy by Amy Aislin*** I dithered about the stars for this. It was beautifully written but it was just a nice romance with no added mystery, magic or mayhem. However, if you like ‘just’ romance, this comes recommended.

Normal Life by Si Clarke*** To be fair, this is just some short scenes as a prequel to the lovely sci fi novels. If you haven’t started those, don’t bother with this as although it makes sense it doesn’t have much point taken out of context. Good writing.

The abandoned:

Rainbow Rodeo by BA Tortuga Abandoned – we met about ten people in the first few pages, all without adequate introduction or description. My head was spinning. It could well be a good story if you can get into it.

Apparently I read no fanfic in February and I have no idea why.

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