Sounds of winter: day 8

Tom Lehrer’s Christmas Carol is, for me, a delight, and I sing it to myself every December. Although his lyrics are ‘tongue in cheek’ I think we all have relatives like the ones in the song, and the commercial aspects that we complain about are very real. So – another one to make us all smile, and it’s American humour this time. I was unable to find a version with anything other than an album cover, apart from this, which at least shows the words so that you can sing along.

I took the photograph in central Manchester (not this year) and then played around with filters. I suspect our city centre is suffering badly this holiday season and I have no idea whether there are lights – we’re in Tier 3 lockdown and have been since the end of July with a short ‘break’ for a national lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 8

  1. I haven’t even been to our local town centre… I’ve driven along the route to my daughter’s house, which is on the way to central Manchester from here and is lined with shops, pubs, etc. No festivity apparent yet. I won’t be going out anywhere over Christmas or New Year.

  2. I don’t recall ever hearing the Tom Lehrer song, so thank you for introducing it to me.

    There are a lot of lights in the houses round where we live. I think a lot of people are looking for something to brighten things up.

  3. Ours are the only lights in our short road. Of course, people may have lights indoors. As I have no plans to go out anywhere, that’s it – our lights are my only lights this year! I adore Tom Lehrer’s songs.

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