Sounds of winter: day 7

Grandma got run over by a reindeer is one of those stupid songs that always makes me smile. This is the Irish Rovers’ official version. There are animated versions, and there are American versions, but somehow the whole situation feels more ‘real’ set in the British Isles. It is, I think, a peculiarly British and Irish sense of humour that tells a story of death at Christmas with a straight face or voice and expects the listener to laugh.

The model ‘reindeer’ is one I photographed a few years ago in the Manchester Christmas market. It was animated but at the time I didn’t have a smartphone so I didn’t get a vid of it. It only nodded and made a lowing sound.

4 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 7

  1. It’s classic British/Irish humour – what’s the right thing to do in the circumstances open her presents or send them back?

  2. I know – and I’ve often had to try to explain to friends from other English speaking nations – without too much success!! There are the odd few who ‘get’ our sense of humour, usually if they’ve spent a lot of time here or have married an English spouse. With other countries you can blame the language barrier and the difficulties of translation. Anyway, I love the song!!

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