Sounds of winter: day 2

The Nutcracker ballet by Tchaikovsky is a traditional Christmas entertainment. I love all the music but instead of the Overture or the possibly more popular Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (which admittedly evokes thoughts of the fairy on the Christmas tree) I thought I’d go for the Dance of the Mirlitons. The tune was hijacked by a chocolate advertisement some years ago and given new words including ‘everyone’s a fruit and nut case’ and referring obliquely to the sweets found in Christmas stockings. I always find these words running through my head when I hear the tune even though I’ve never been keen on the chocolate being advertised! There are various explanations of the term ‘mirliton’ but most agree on shepherds and all reference flutes so I chose a lovely rendering by an American flute quartet.

In other news we now have our fairy lights on all over the place. The picture has no conceivable connection to the music – it’s just a winter icon by roxicons. It’s frosty here but there’s no snow yet.

7 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 2

  1. Yep. Can’t hear that without singing the advert. “And men who dig the street up…” We went to a lovely version of Nutcracker last January – on ice at the big new conference centre at the Celtic Manor hotel. We stayed at the Manor House and had great fun on the magic escalators. I am only seven at heart, of course.

  2. We were due to see Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker at Saddler’s Wells this Christmas. Sadly that won’t happen until next year now, so I shall look on this as a promise of good things to come.

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