Sounds of winter: day 1

’O come o come Emmanuel’ is a sombre piece of music. The theme of the lyrics expresses the Jewish longing for the Messiah but is in fact a hymn by Christian monks which starts the countdown to Christmas when their Messiah will be born. It’s usually sung on the first Sunday in Advent, but this year that was the last Sunday in November and as I’ve said, I’m not starting ‘my’ Christmas in November! So it’s a good way to begin on 1st December. I’ve chosen an instrumental version by the Piano Guys (in this case one piano and one cello). I love the flamboyance of their performances. This one was filmed on a Mormon movie set and is visually both dramatic and evocative of ancient Israel. It’s one of those pieces that make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

The picture shows a plant beside our front door after a heavy hailstorm.

5 thoughts on “Sounds of winter: day 1

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  2. Gorgeous, isn’t it! And those of us who know the words can mentally sing along! I play the piano but I’m very out of practice, Since I retired and there was no pressing need to get something ready for assembly, I’ve been lazy!

  3. My favourite Advent hymn. I’d not heard this version until Sunday when it was the featured music for the daily Advent series I’m following this year.

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