Five things…

There is a meme going round writer groups that asks you to share five things from your current work in progress. I wasn’t tagged but someone said we could all play…

… so here are five things from my WIP, Life on the Edge, hopefully due out some time in 2019. (I’ve chosen the work that is really in progress rather than the ones that are ready to publish.)

1. implied menage (four hot guys from previous volume)
2. werewolf/fae m/f romance (and cubs)
3. unicorns (plus a panther) and assorted riders
4. a trip to South Australia in search of Mr Right
5. kittens all over the place

Tagging anyone else who wants to join in!

The pic is of Alderley Edge where the story takes place, but isn’t the cover, which is also a WIP.


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