Another question to consider.


Just one question and answer this time.

Sequels: Have you ever written a sequel to a story you wrote, and if so, why, and if not, how do you feel about sequels?

Well now. Sequel queen. That would be me.

If I like a story I don’t really want it to stop. This applies to my own work just as much as to stuff I read. If characters and a world come to life they do as we do and carry on with their lives, so there I am, watching and listening. Sequels are just the recounting of what I see and hear. I can turn away for a while, but the stories will carry on and be waiting for me. Sometimes they (or rather the muse narrator/s) hammer on the door. Some short stories are just an account of an event – beginning, middle and end – and I can polish that, present it to readers and close the door. Still, the world behind the door goes on and I can re-enter it any time.

I have to say I love sequels to stories I have enjoyed and happily buy trilogies or even longer series by favourite authors.

My original work includes sequels.

My fantasy detective novel The Scroll was published last year and has just been joined by a sequel, The Market. Then a further sequel, The Crown, is written and awaiting some tweaking, amendments, and a final proofread. The Shore (book 4) is in note form and is swirling round my brain. There will be six novels in the series eventually.

My fae saga has sequels – and a kind of concurrent story that can be read alongside the second book. The first book is ready to format.

I have another m/m fantasy novel that isn’t really finished yet because there is a lot of rewriting to do but there is also a sequel in the pipeline. The Virgin and the Unicorn will be followed by another story in the same ‘verse but I haven’t got time to feed the bunny at the moment (or the unicorn, or whatever).

As most of you know, I also write fanfiction and often think in terms of sequels when challenge-fests or prompt-fests are presented to me. When I’m reading fanfic, just as with original work, I’m always pleased when an admired author writes a sequel.

So sequels? A resounding ‘yes’!

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