Symbiote – poetry

I recently posted about fanfic and thought I would share with you a poem I wrote as a gift for a fellow fan. The fandom, for those of you who are not sci-fi lovers, is Stargate SG1, in which a race of symbiotes tries to take over the universe through all the humanoid races it can find. I chose the photo of one of our Portuguese lizards to complement the reptilian nature of the symbiotes. The poem is a sequence of linked haiku-style pieces.


Whenever bipeds

Step through the liquid circle

We have to wonder.

Will we symbiotes

Emerge intact or might our

Slender forms be changed;

Submerged in the flesh

Of our imprisoning slaves?

But still we travel.

Needing to conquer,

Defying space and logic,

We quest to survive.

Perhaps if they knew

Our needs truly, our hosts would

Close the gates firmly.

Keeping separate

Their lonely planets they could

End our dominance.

Without the journeys,

(Despite the risk of changing),

We would surely die.

I have been somewhat MIA recently – the problem has been a crashed laptop and time spent trying to get to grips with a refurbished old one, with an unfamiliar operating system. This also explains the annoying formatting that seems to have invaded my poem – I have so far been unable to get rid of the double spacing within the verses, which was not present in the original document.

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