Recommended viewing and reading from April 2023

Lambs in April, northern England

I decided to change the format of my reviews at least until someone complains. For the time being I’ll just do recommendations for five star viewing and reading for the month in question. I still have a full record of all I’ve watched and read but won’t share unless asked!

Here we go with recommendations from April.


Umbrella Academy S2***** Netflix. I am mesmerised by this series. Sci fi, adventure, and mystery with totally relatable characters. Will the gifted group save the world or is their presence the actual threat?

Carnival Row S2***** Amazone Prime. I adored Carnival Row and am sad that it finished but appreciate the explanation that the story is indeed over. However, I wish they’d think up another story using the same incredible world with all the detail – it seems such a waste not to! Season 2 was dark. At times I could barely watch, and it made Game of Thrones look tame. But it was wonderful and the ending was marvellously satisfactory.

Blue Lights***** BBCThis is a brilliant and superbly acted cop drama set in Belfast in the present day. Three new cops are being mentored by three ‘old hands’ and we are introduced to all kinds of believable back stories plus all kinds of believable crime. At times I left an episode not altogether sure whether I’d watched a drama or a real life story. I understand a second season has been commissioned and can’t wait.


Arthropoda by Xenia Melzer*****Excellent crime story with a detective who can talk to insects. A totally ‘new’ concept that makes for fascinating detection. There’s a hint of cop buddy romance but I suspect it’s going to go the bromance or ACE relationship router. I’m going to follow the series.

Madison Square Murders by CS Poe.***** Intriguing ‘cold’ case crime drama with fascinating detectives and a hint of mm romance. When I finished the last page I went straight to buy the second in this Memento Mori series.

How to love thine enemy by Eli Easton***** As usual, I am fascinated by this author’s world of dog shifters, both born that way and ‘quickened’ and this time she adds Inuit culture and locations.

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