Watched in May

As well as TV I watched my tiny cactus flower! It has more blooms coming.

I’m completely behind… it’s amazing what a knock-on effect a few days without a laptop has! I realised it was probably time I posted this before everything disappears from streaming services.

The Crimson Rivers season 3 **** (All4) I have no idea whether this is still available but every time they bring out a new season they load the first ones again. Great French detective drama with Parisian ‘experts’ sent to help out in the provinces when there are particularly strange murders, often with faintly paranormal overtones though the villains are usually all too human.

Some true crime: Married to a psychopath **** and Married to a Serial Killer ****. (iplayer) Not sure if these stories are exaggerated for dramatic effect but if completely true the innocents who trust the criminals must be hard pressed ever to trust anyone again.

My cat from hell***. We watched a couple of episodes of this (not altogether sure where) since Dogs Behaving Badly has finished for the time being. As with the English programme about dogs, this American cat version makes you realise the problems are usually the owners, not the animals. Amusing, and both series make you think hard about how we treat pets in general.

D I Ray*** (itv hub) Wooden acting and direction, and the plot was very predictable. I wasm however, really pleased to see institutional racism in the police force, and racism born of ignorance elsewhere given prime time TV drama and only hope this paves the way for better attempts to address the issues.

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