What I watched in January 2022

The picture shows Plitvice National Park from a Croatian holiday website. It’s in the Monty Don programmes.

Hidden Assets ***** All4. Irish/Flemish thriller. The Irish and Belgians have clearly been watching Scandi Noir and decided to join in. I’m really hoping for another season.

Monty Don’s Adriatic Gardens**** BBC iPlayer. Lovely gardens and plants, and some fascinating details about hidden aspects of places like Venice.

The Bay Season 3 **** ITVhub. The Morecambe based police show seems to have got well into its stride despite some new faces. Another interesting mystery.

Death of Andy Warhol- Autopsy: The Last Hours of Andy Warhol BBC4****. Interesting look a the death of someone famous through the eyes of pathologists.

Maya Angelou on Robert Burns**** BBC4 (1996) A lovely watch for Burns Night. Maya visited Scotland and interacted/performed with some native Burns fans.

Race and Medical Experiments: What’s the Truth **** All4. Seyi Rhodes looks at the history of US and UK problem experiments which have contributed to vaccine hesitancy.

I also half watched the following, but kept falling asleep so can’t give adequate reviews:

Martin Clunes: Islands of the Pacific. ITV Hub – beautiful look at French Polynesia in ep 1

Tyrant. Amazon. Very violent as well as interesting but I kept closing my eyes, which was fatal

The Dark Woods. More4. German Noir. I lost track of events and characters.

I’m continuing to watch the following:

The Green Planet BBC1

The Great Pottery Throwdown Ch4

Dogs behaving very badly Ch5

The Impressionists BBC4

Death in Paradise BBC1

Vera ITV

Peston ITV

PMQs BBC Parliament

And, when husband gets home from an extended trip:

The Responder BBC1

Trigger Point BBC1

4 thoughts on “What I watched in January 2022

  1. Irish/Flemish thriller ! What’s that, Walloon Noir ? Guinness Noir ?

    I think the only crossover we have is Death in Paradise. But I think I would have watched some of the others if I’d spotted them.

    I binge watched Vienna Blood (iPlayer) – it’s set around the time Freud first started talking about his theories, before modern psychiatric therapies became accepted medical science. It follows a young Jewish doctor as he teams up with an older detective as a proto-profiler. The stories are interesting in their own right, but it’s chilling to watch the comfortable middle class family of the doctor go about their business – because you know by the time the doctor is as old as the detective, Hitler will have begun exterminating the Jews.


  2. Irish Noir, I think… I’m really hoping for a developing relationship between the lead Irish female detective and the lead Belgian male one – it has the makings of a saga… And yes, I watched Vienna Blood avidly when it first aired and am now trying to persuade/remind husband to watch it on whatever it’s streamed on, so that I can enjoy it all over again – because I think he’d really like it. I give most crime shows a try though some, like The Dark Woods, just don’t do it for me. I think my favourite, recently, was Black Spot (Zone Blanche) a French series which sort of transfers Twin Peaks to Eastern France.

  3. Loved the Adriatic Gardens series – Monty Don is always brilliant. We couldn’t cope with the stilted dialogue and silly procedural stuff on the Bay and gave up after one episode. Shame as the scenery is always lovely!

  4. Yes – I like watching Monty and gardens! Husband really likes The Bay and so I watched it… I thought it improved, particularly with the new lead detective in Season 3. And of course the location makes it interesting.

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