November Fanfiction

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Just a reminder that all the fanfic I read is on AO3 which stands for Archive Of Our Own. This is a project of OTW which stands for Organisation for Transformative Works. I used to be a volunteer admin and their views and policies are still very dear to my heart. If anyone wants to read my own fanfic contributions you can find them on – a hotch potch of multi-fandom stuff, short and long!

I have read some long (think short novel length) and absorbing fics this month. All highly recommended and you don’t really need to know much about SGA other than that it is sci fi involving colonising an alien city on an alien planet and the central team are John, Rodney, Teyla and Ronon (who replaces Aiden Ford after Season 1).

Turn into something beautiful by blackchaps***** SGA – not only is John a were-cougar, all feline shifters have the gene and will go to Atlantis…

Turn the Tide by Brumeier***** SGA John is a merman and Rodney is tasked with trying to communicate. This was a re-read from ages ago but just as good second time around.

Checkmate ‘Verse by Bead***** SGA. John is turned into a cat for a month by an ancient artefact. Rodney looks after him. The story is told in short chapters a bit like sections of episodes. Some are from a feline pov… The whole story gave me warm fuzzy feelings and I liked the HEA for John and Rodney in the final chapter.

Where the Brave Dare Not Go by Telesilla***** SGA – an AU so far from canon you could read it as an original work. John is a were-cougar (as in the story by blackchaps). Rodney is a biochemist researching ways to make were cycles easier.

I was supposed to be reading through the Pros big bang stories but had signed up for SGA Secret Santa so was immersing myself in SGA fic instead. My gift fic is now finished and will appear on my site, linked above, when it’s posted on 23rd December) so I will revert to my normal random reading and might even get to the Pros fics – I do have them all downloaded. I can’t give teasers about my fic because it’s meant to be a secret, but as it’s an SGA Secret Santa it will clearly be SGA… And I’ve just realised there will be all the other Secret Santa fics to read…

I also read Small_Hobbit’s ficlets as they appear in my inbox (yes, I subscribe). The human and animal inhabitants of her inimitable version of Sherlock Holmes are producing a pantomime this year based on Noah… Hilarious. For those of you who don’t yet know her work, there are voles and mice and ferrets and so on who interact with the humans… No sex, no violence, just lots of fun.

To Brumeier and Small_Hobbit who are friends on Dreamwidth where I crosspost this, a huge thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given me over the year!

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