October viewing

A wildly photoshopped photograph (mine) of autumn trees.

Highly recommended:  

Manhunt***** (itv hub) Martin Clunes in Season 2 of the drama based on real life police investigations.  

Code of a killer***** (itv hub) Dramatised version of the first case to use DNA ‘fingerprinting’.  

The Long Call***** (itv hub) Fascinating new detective series from Anne Cleeves who also wrote the novels that underpin Vera and Shetland (we’re watching the latest seasons). Martin Shaw appears in a very different role. The lead detective is gay in a perfectly ‘ordinary’ and uneventful gay marriage which I think adds to the series enormously, sending a clear message to viewers. The case, however, centres round his estranged family’s church, and his relationship with his mother comes into play.  


Concert for George**** A concert given as a memorial for George Harrison, introduced by Ravi Shankar whose daughter Anushka conducted the backing orchestra and played sitar. A repeat from years ago but I didn’t see it first time around. I haven’t made a note of where this was shown but it might have been Sky Arts in which case for people like me who don’t subscribe to Sky there’s no catch up service.  

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie**** Lovely story based on a true one about a gay teenager who wants to go to the school prom in a dress. However, it’s a musical and the music was less than memorable. I watched it on Amazon Prime.  

What we do in the shadows**** (Shown on BBC). This is the NZ film that spawned the TV series (which I haven’t watched). Quirky and ‘different’ – vampires flat sharing in modern Wellington. Stand-offs with werewolves. Some echoes of Being Human. I won’t bother with the series because you can overdo some jokes but I enjoyed this for Halloween viewing.  


Jack the Giant Slayer*** Take some good actors (including Bill Nighy and Ewan McGregor), give them a rubbish script and poor direction plus cardboard scenery and make a kind of version of a fairy tale… Disappointing to say the least.

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