Fanfic recs for July

Needless to say, I access fanfic via AO3, the fic ‘arm’ of OTW.

All SGA this month and all AUs. All recommended.

Unexpected Discoveries by Brumeier***** The start of the series as a TV show AU. Part 1 of As Seen On TV. I’ve read a number of short fics in this series and they are invariably entertaining. SGA team in an AU where they investigate paranormal rumours for TV.

Fashion Victim by Lamardeuse***** 16k. Rodney is in a coma and John goes into the virtual environment to rescue him. Echoes of lock it away (keep my heart at your place) by nagi_schwarz – I’m not sure which came first and in any case they aren’t the same, just both using the coma trope.

Edge of Passion by Brumeier**** John and Rodney as actors in a nice AU. 4k

Life in a Bubble by Elayna**** 16k. AU in which John and Rodney meet during the pandemic. Interesting use of lockdown rules, etc.

Within You by Brumeier**** In a crossover/fusion with Labyrinth. Rodney needs to save Jeannie (his sister).

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