Fanfic read in June

I love irises. For some reason our yellow ones have vanished this year (slugs?) but the purple/blue ones have been beautiful.

Some really good stories this month (or rather, last, because I know we’re now nearing the end of July).

Absolutely fabulous and highly recommended:

Save me by Brumeier***** SGA AU novel. Rodney inherits a haunted mansion. John is the caretaker. Cameo parts for others. Exciting and interesting plot.

Poisons by silverr***** Gorgeous crime ff with aliens. Original work. 21k. Set in the world of The Taitaja. The author archives all her work on AO3, both fanfic and original.

Spoonful of Sunday by pushkin666 and MistressKat***** QI rpf Wonderful coffee shop style romance set in Nottingham.

Worth reading:

Throw off the bowlines by Brumeier**** Rodney buys a second hand sex bot expecting to harvest it for parts. A different take on the discovery of Atlantis.

The role of Primordial Amino Acids in the Evolution of Sentience by silverr**** Sweet ff short story (9594 words) about a robot and the human who finds it. Better, in my opinion, than Murderbot. Not really fanfic but uses fanfic tropes and was written for a challenge.

Ray Doyle’s Cottage Garden Diary by Boothros**** Only on LJ. Lovely writing but would probably only appeal to people with detailed knowledge of Pros. Later edit to add that the author told me it is now on AO3:

Also read:

Enshroud by Charlotte Frost*** S&H kidnap story. Not thrilling but quite nicely written.

In other fanfic ‘news’ I added to my Lewis/Harry Potter crossover series with a new episode featuring some clever work by Olive Owl. See my AO3 (moth2fic) for The Case of the Kidnapped Kobold.

2 thoughts on “Fanfic read in June

  1. Thanks for the link! I did look and couldn’t find it, though to be honest my searches on AO3 are not always productive. I’ll edit to let people know! Though as I said, I think you’d need some familiarity with the fandom to get the best out of it.

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