Some TV I watched in June

Nothing says ‘June’ better in UK than the cow parsley in the hedgerows. It’s like driving through froth and I just wish it lasted!

TV this month seems to have concentrated on politics and sport, but here are a few things I’ve watched that don’t fall under those headings.

King Arthur’s Britain: The Truth Unearthed**** This was on BBC4 with Alice Roberts. I love the Arthur legends and it was good to hear some historical and archaeological explanations for some of them. I also like Alice Roberts as a presenter. I assume it’s on BBC iPlayer for the moment.

Stonehenge: the lost circle revealed**** This turned out to be a re-watch. I think first time around (about six months ago) I was concentrating on the work in West Wales and missed or forgot the bits about the actual circle present today. Professor Alice Roberts again. It’s currently on BBC iPlayer.

Innocent Season 2**** A woman is cleared after a prison term for murder. So who did it? Set in the Lake District and well directed/acted but this was another show with a surprise ending. A lot of people like to be able to follow clues during a murder mystery – there weren’t any here. We wanted to watch Season 1 but by the time we realised they’d moved it from ITV Hub (where we saw this) to Britbox, which is a subscription too far.

Deadwind Season 1*** A Finnish contribution to Scandi Noir. Interesting plot with environmentalists, family feuds, etc. Pity about the direction (poor), the acting (also poor) and the final resolution of the initial murder case which was something no viewer could have guessed so felt like a cheat. Also, do Finns or Icelanders ever smile? I know they do because I have a Finnish friend, but going by their film output you would doubt it. On Netflix. I don’t think we’ll bother with any subsequent seasons but I quite enjoyed this one. So I’d recommend watching but would be interested to hear whether your reaction is the same as mine.

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