May: a marvellous month for fanfiction

…as well as for the spring flowers in our garden!

Three fantastic long reads.

Death in Jericho by Fictionwriter***** This was written for me. The author is my beta/editor and another friend ‘won’ her services on our behalf in the auction for Fandom For Australia, then gifted my ‘share’ as a birthday present so it was a double gift. I was aware all along of what it involved – both plot and hard work. It’s a novel length steampunk au set in the Lewis fandom. The city of Oxford really lives in its alternate guise, with airships overhead, sewers and tunnels beneath, automata, street kids, murder and monsters. We were all thrilled with the result. Highly recommended and all you need to know is that Lewis and Hathaway are Oxford detectives. 65,900.

I’m with you by nagi_schwartz***** Another great novel. Evan and Radek from SGA are the main characters in a really gripping thriller that is part AU, part canon. Radek and his delightful niece (original character) are in danger and Evan, undercover and intending to protect them applies for the post of nanny. All you need to know is that Evan Lorne was US Air Force in the show and Radek was a scientist.

Lose a kraken, gain an angel by MistressKat***** A superb long short story set in the world of Good Omens – book and series. Humour, angst and hints of romance. For this one, you do need some familiarity with either the book or the series.

An interesting story from Brumeier.

Curious goods by Brumeier**** Crossover case fic: H5O/Friday 13th. This was a nice story but it might have helped to know the other fandom. I wasn’t sure of the cast of Friday 13th but for anyone who knows both shows I would recommend this.

And a fic that took ages to read but was in the end the least appealing of this month’s batch.

It takes a lot of water by compo67*** This is Supernatural RPF in an alternate universe but it wandered down tropes and byways galore. Jensen and Jared are the main characters in a gritty slavery fic, which then involves a.b.o. sex and mpreg, time travel, space travel and a theory about demonic ownership of planets. I was totally gripped by the plot but it had an unsatisfying ending and at 159k words I did think the writing could have been profitably edited to remove padding.

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