A meme for the end of May

Kingcups, or marsh marigolds. We used to have a pond but they seem happy with a lot of watering.

To round off May, and celebrate the UK bank holiday, a meme that looks at the past year and the present effects.

1) What are you doing this spring that you weren’t doing 1 year ago?

That’s hard, because everything I’m doing now was new, last spring, but second nature today. I’m currently ‘home alone’ while husband is away dealing with our land in Portugal and that wasn’t the case last year. I’m luxuriating in having no real agenda, no meals to plan, and good weather to go with it! If we take spring as meaning before the pandemic took hold, I’m doing all my shopping online, I have a milkman (who delivers juice, cream, etc. too) and I’m making more bread in the machine.

2) What pandemic precautions are you still taking?

I would still wear a mask if I went out, but I have no plans to go anywhere at the moment. I had friends over (first time in what seemed like forever) but we didn’t hug. I disinfect anything with a hard surface that comes into the house (including plastic wrapped post, groceries, and milk bottles). I reckon this will protect us from colds, flu and things like norovirus as well as Covid.I socially distance from e.g. couriers, and from friends and family. I have had both vaccination jabs.

3) What’s a safety rule that’s very important to you?

Consider other people’s safety as well as your own. (You could be unwittingly passing something on.) Also, considering wider safety implications will usually benefit you too.

4) What plants are blooming where you live?

We have a wild flower garden. At the moment: bluebells, forgetmenots, columbines, shirley poppies, violets,buttercups, dead nettles, periwinkles and ivy leaved toadflax – none of them planted by us. Also kingcups. arabis, ornamental quince and peonies, which we did put in deliberately! The ferns are at that gorgeous unrolling stage, the may is out and today I saw some blooms on the raspberry canes. Most of the blossom is over, and our neighbour’s lilac only lasted a short time because of all the rain.

5) What was your most memorable summer job?

I worked for a stately home (Castle Howard) and guided groups of visitors round. We had to learn a lot about furniture, paintings, etc. and it was incredibly interesting.I imagine it has been closed for the last year or so but I hope it’s opening again. I would not like to guide tours wearing a mask!

Anyone who wants to play is welcome – but I usually find these memes late so I’m not tagging anyone!

2 thoughts on “A meme for the end of May

  1. Both! Yes! The garden is actually a mess but the wildflowers cover it so in spring it’s glorious. Castle Howard was a wonderful experience and I learnt a great deal as well as enjoying the job and mixing with the other guides. I did it every Easter and summer holiday for years while I was a student (sixth form then uni).

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