Five things – lockdown style

I liked this meme from a friend’s blog. Travel has not been easy for any of us this past year. Anybody who wants to play is more than welcome and I look forward to hearing about some of your own areas.

The header picture is a vastly photoshopped and cropped picture of the centre of Chester. I can’t find the original (taken by me) and had to wrestle with this version which I’d turned into an online birthday card…

1) What’s the furthest place you’ve traveled to in the last 12 months?
Dorset, which is on the south coast, from Manchester in the north west. We managed a week in a self catering cottage just before Manchester locked down again.

2) What’s the most interesting small town within driving distance?

I think Chester though I’m not sure it counts as small. (Think cathedral, mediaeval buildingings, Roman stuff, river). If it doesn’t count, then Buxton: Georgian spa town in the Peak District.

3) What’s the coolest tourist attraction in your city?
Depends on you! Roman stuff, canals, Gay Village, neo-gothic town hall, museums and art galleries including The Lowry and the Northern Imperial War Museum though I think they’re on the Salford side of the river. Still, Salford and Manchester are intertwined.

4) What was your favorite road trip you took as a kid?

We used to spend days getting from Newcastle upon Tyne down to Newport, Gwent, (to visit relatives) and we’d stay in various places like York and explore on the way.

5) How often do you feel like you’ve got to get away?

I used to feel desperate to get away when I was working full time. Now I just feel desperate for decent weather so that I can spend time in the garden.

6 thoughts on “Five things – lockdown style

  1. I have never been to Chester, although it’s somewhere I would like to visit. It made it tentatively onto our list last year, but we never travelled that far.

  2. Quite a long way, for you. I suspect you’d need to stay overnight – which would be good anyway because there’s so much to see. We usually just go for the day but a single trip never covers all the delights!

    • Oh, we’d definitely stay overnight, maybe two nights – perhaps in a month or two, or later in the year.

  3. Fun! Might have to steal this idea myself. It’s a long time since I went to Buxton – it went through a difficult phase with lots of closed shops etc but I’m hoping it’s better now?

  4. It varies! A lot of the nice shops are small local businesses and they go in and out of business… I don’t really go there to shop (though I have done) – the parks etc. are lovely.

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