Finally, February Fanfiction

I read a lot of fanfiction in February.

First, one of my favourite authors, Brumeier. All these stories get four stars (and kudos) – not five because they aren’t quite long enough to satisfy my cravings. There is a background mm focus but no explicit sex.

Call back (SGA AU)

Far Better Things (SGA/Brokenwood Mysteries crime crossover)

Fullwood Mysteries: The Janus Treasure (SGA/Brokenwood)

I will try to fix you (H5O)

Hawaii’s Night Marchers (H5O/SGA crossover)  

Second, another favourite, Small Hobbit (and her friend/collaborator Okapi). Again, four stars for the same reasons. Incidentally, these are all gen fics i.e. there is no sexual content of any kind.

Tigger Holmes and the Case of the Shrunken Prince (Sherlock Holmes/Winnie the Pooh)

An absence of eggs (Castlevania – cartoon)

This makes 1000 works on AO3 by this author – though admittedly a lot of the works are drabbles. So as a gift in honour of the occasion, Okapi wrote the following:

The Singing Scheherazade

I was directed to this next m/f fic by a friend – not a fandom I’d ever have thought about though I love the series.

The great farce of love by saturni_stellis**** (Fawlty Towers)

and to this brief but delightful fic (no sexual content)

The Return of Pestilence by LilithReisender ****(Good Omens)

Last, but by no means least, another friend wrote this for yet another friend in the Lewis fandom. For anyone who doesn’t know (and it might not be obvious to non-Brits), the actor who plays Hathaway in Lewis has recently upset a lot of his fans by being extremely politically active on the far right. The author of this short story has the character in the show interview the real life persona… The result should bring comfort to those who (like me) dislike Fox’s politics and love Hathaway.

Foxhole by Fiorenza_a****

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