Last month’s fanfiction reviews

I should say before I begin that other than dragonflower1 whose other work I don’t know, these authors are friends of mine, online and in one case in rl too. But then I met them via fandom and I usually only make friends with people whose work I enjoy!

Anyone who is a fan of SGA might like to look at the secret santa stories from Christmas 2020. You can find the whole collection here: and it contains a story by me (the author reveal was on Christmas Day). I wrote: Not Elves Exactly…

But here are my favourites that might well be accessible to non-fans. You can find them all in the collection.

lock it away (keep my heart at your place) by nagi_schwarz*****

In an accident, John is locked into a coma where he retreats into his dreams. Rodney is able to penetrate those, and gradually gain John’s trust in order to bring him out of the dream and the coma. The dreams are based on the world of Harry Potter, with all the magic implied, plus John’s love of music. Readers only need to know that Rodney is a scientist and John is military leader of the expedition to Atlantis.

A Matter of Trust by dragonflower1**** John/Todd

I felt almost obliged to read this, because I wrote John/Todd for an auction fic. This was much more strongly based on canon than my story, and had an open ending so that the reader could continue the tale themselves. (You can read my story here: Enemy Mine

To access these stories you need to know that the Wraith are predatory enemies of the humans in the Pegasus galaxy and feed on their life force, and that Kolya and his men are human enemies of both Wraith and Atlantis.

Feel the Magic by Brumeier*****

A delightful introduction to a new ‘verse by the author, whose work I like. The SGA characters are recast in a special detective force, MagiCorps, which deals with magical crimes on this world rather than alien events on Atlantis. I’m hoping for more cases.

Not that kind of task force by Brumeier***** (find it via her dashboard)

Because of the MagiCorps story I wandered off to reread this one by the same author. The paranormal investigations here are for H5O, not SGA so the ‘verse has more canon elements, but is just as fascinating and again I want more.

Both these are AUs in that they take place in worlds with magic, not something that occurs in canon.

A deal to be made by pushkin666 *****  

The author was unable to resist a bdsm approach to the Johnson/Van de Leyen standoff. Hilarious (and very short) I think this is a perfectly valid use of real person fiction – not unlike cartoons and satire shows like Spitting Image.

The header picture is my current membership icon for OTW(AO3) which for those of you new to the fanfic world is Organisation for Transformative Works and one of their projects, Archive Of Our Own which hosts fanworks on ‘our own’ servers which means they’re not at risk of deletion. The OTW also campaigns for the legitimacy of fanworks and will defend them in court when necessary and appropriate.

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