Achievements and resolutions

Many of my friends are posting some kind of summary of the writing they did during the last year and their plans for this.

In 2020 I published the final volumes in two fantasy series, and posted three auction fanfics and a Secret Santa one. I wrote a shorter story for a free Solstice treat, and started a novel in November, reaching a half way point before holiday celebrations took over my life. The poem is a snapshot of the chaos in my head during the year.

As I hope the poem explains, I reached a number of goals in 2020 and am now working on a novel about a found (fae) family on a quest. One of my resolutions is to write more – well, not exactly more but more regularly with some kind of discipline. Another is to post more often and keep you better informed.

My other resolution is not to acquire any more books, even free ones, till my to-be-read piles (one print, one digital) reach saner and less dangerous proportions.

Plot Bunnies of 2020

There were plot bunnies running round inside my head,

multiplying like, well, like rabbits, well fed,

careless of the environmental damage they might do.


my plot bunnies are orderly;

they take their turn, one by one by one,

or sometimes two by two,

waiting to see

which will be most beneficial,

taking my needs and plans

into account;

deferring, in other words,

to me.


One would sniff the air,

sensing its time was near,

swell and grow,

towering over the rest

who’d cower,

recognising their erstwhile friend

as bunny of the hour

who in the end

ruled the warren while I nurtured him,

turning him into a tale, groomed and finished;

ready to bound into the world, out of my head.


Time came and went.

I worked contentedly,

Polishing, editing, formatting, and then

casually throwing a carrot or two

into the warren.

A fae pair,

minor characters at best,

informed me that their story needed air

but, being a winter solstice tale could wait a year.

Even so,

I outlined everything,

wrote their first scene,

let their emotions sing,

even enjoyed watching the plot take shape,

knowing there was no haste.


Cop buddies, seeking a serial killer in the Caribbean,

showed promise,

likely to be full grown for Valentine’s Day

but had so much to say

their short sweet story threatened to become

a whole novella and was put aside

until sufficient time could be allotted

to do justice to their complex plot while they

did justice in their own inimitable way.


In February I offered fanfic, heedlessly.

The auctions were for such worthy charity

and there were bidders winning promises,

handing out brand new bunnies like largesse.

I had no cages, no carrots, and no

time but oh,

with eyes were so pleading and with coats so soft,

I could not let them go.


Aliens have their own intense appeal,

especially those

who find romance

with humans

or provide

reasons for those humans to boldly go

into the starry universe outside.

And so

I frantically sought

lettuce, cucumber and early grass

and watched those bunnies grow.


I built them cages in my mind,

hoping against hope

they’d keep themselves apart

in discrete clusters till I made a start.

They’d have to compete for water and nourishment

with princes, who, arranged marriage consummated,

assured me they could continue to hunt

unicorns until I had time to seek

their truth – but they had waited

long enough, did not deserve

to stand back for brash newcomers,

and would serve

to add structure to my time.


Quietly in the backmost cage a fae family

waited, thinking their time would, sooner or later, come.

But when the aliens moved in,

tails bobbing, paws scrabbling, I think those older bunnies

knew their orderly queued existence had been overrun.

And so, revolution in the rabbit house;

bucks and does alike, with supporting kits

broke from their cages, demanded more supplies,

invaded my dreams and grew before my eyes


They were running around my thoughts,

breeding, interbreeding, making more noise

than rabbits ought to make.

Sooner or later – probably sooner – I

would have to take a stand,

order them back in place,

ration the carrots and greens,

but just for a day or two,

for I was intrigued and watched

as they mixed, matched, bred

and now I had plot bunnies galore

running rings around my head.


A year passed. The princes are with my editor,

their first draft finished.

All auction fics were written, posted, gifted.

The minor fae,

a Solstice free novella, waited

for their polished chance to shine.

The fae family are well on their way

through an adventure that

involves a goblin, an elf, a talking bird

and a supercilious deaf cat.

The police pair slumber for now on their tropical sands


my head is quieter but I have to say,

I miss the now familiar racket and might just look

for new plot bunnies

who’d like to come out and play.

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