Sounds of winter: day 24

The Coventry Carol is not by any means joyful. It commemorates Herod’s slaying of the young boy children when the magi told him about the birth of Jesus. I wanted a version sung by women because I think female voices bring home the despair the mothers must have felt.  I knew the carol but first became truly aware of the lyrics when I heard the Mediaeval Baebes sing it. However, I already have them singing some other choices in this list so I went searching and found this acapella version by the Lamplighters. I think we need to remember that there are various layers to the Christmas story, not all a matter for celebration.

On a more cheerful note, if you’re in UK try to watch The Goes Wrong Show: The Nativity on BBC1 iPlayer. We laughed for the entire half hour.

The frosted rose is by roxicons.

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