Lights: a poem for the Solstice

Solstice Lights.

We have light

shining throughout the whole house.

In the bathroom there’s a waterfall of blue.

White stars watch over the kitchen counter and

pink baubles deck the back porch,

startling against the night.

The dining room and main bedroom display with pride

decorated windows to the lane outside.

The lounge has a myriad of lights.

Colours clash, compete and complement. There are roses

(probably inappropriate for the season but oh! so pretty).

A rich dark carving from the Cote d’Ivoire

boasts a delicate garland and

bookcases scintillate with miniature delights.

This year is different;

we can’t go out to see street finery.

I don’t know, even, whether there is any.


and maybe not,

but it won’t

be observed by us.


we have an indoor feast

for the senses, and if I cannot share with others at least

holiday decorations can come to me.

The carving was a gift from a student from Ivory Coast. The bathroom speaks for itself.

I apologise for the way WordPress insists on formatting verse with extra line spaces. I have spent hours trying to correct it although I must admit it looks infinitely worse in editing mode.

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