My latest novel is ‘live’

My latest novel just went live on Amazon and Smashwords.
This final volume in the Living Fae series brings all the family loves and lives up to date and ends with Harlequin and Yarrow more in love than ever. There are mm, mmmm, mf and ff romances, there is travel, there are unicorns, and there’s a strong family saga element.

If you’re unsure about mm romance, please don’t hesitate to try the series. There’s very little explicit sex, and there are other romances to satisfy most tastes as well as exciting travel and adventures. And if you’re even less sure about polyamory, well, remember these are fae, with fae, rather than human morals and emotions.

There’s a page on this blog where you can see a timeline to orient you in the various stories in the series which overlap slightly, and a glossary to remind you of details and names of all the characters. I’ve been advised that some of the page formatting needs work and I will remedy that, but meanwhile, all the information is available.

Talking of formatting, I’ve checked the final product on Smashwords and whilst it’s perfectly readable and consistent it isn’t exactly what I intended. Word and I are going to have to have words…

I’ve already started a short story that will act as a further glimpse into the lives of the fae on Alderley Edge. I’m intending it as a free Christmas/Solstice story for the end of 2020.

Later this month a friend is going to give me a guest blog spot to advertise more widely, and my next post here will be to set out my marketing options and ask your advice.

Oh, and the tax issue is sorted – but at the cost of a sleepless night.

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