Vlarian Oath: a free original ff story by MistressKat a.k.a. kat_lair

Image by A Owen from Pixabay

A friend of mine wrote a gorgeous story for this year’s Femdom Challenge. The challenge takes both fanfic and original fic. This writer went for original and has produced a fabulous romance about humans interacting with aliens, with lots of different cultures, some wings of a kind, and a happy-for-now ending. It’s on AO3 in the challenge collection, on DW in the writer’s own journal, and I think should be more widely distributed. So I’m reccing it to anyone who likes sci fi, ff romance, and seriously good writing. It’s a novella and because it’s on AO3 it’s free. I did the beta so I got a privileged preview and then could hardly bear the suspense of waiting for the author ‘reveal’ before being able to comment! There is meant to be art, and if the artist had posted yet I could use it here as my post illustration – *sigh* – however…

Read the story at:


and be sure to leave the author some love.

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