Beating Hearts! (My new ebook.)

My latest book is available on Amazon and Smashwords. As the blurb on both sites says, it’s a collection of short stories and flashfics – all with a supernatural or paranormal element and all with an mm romance with a happy ending. I wrote the original material in response to prompts at various times in a Yahoo writers’ group I belonged to; it’s a group to which I’m eternally grateful because I learnt a lot and made friends I am still in touch with. The stories have since been expanded, edited, and brought together to form a collection with a fantasy theme. A couple of the stories contain slightly more erotic material than my usual work so if you go to Smashwords to look at the book, be sure to allow the site to show you adult content. I had fun writing the stories and hope some of you might have fun reading them! If you do, I’d be wildly grateful for a review on either site. I often seem to get links wrong so if these don’t work I’d suggest looking for my name.

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