I’ve entered all my books in the Smashwords July sale.

I’ve also re-priced some of them so that the prices are consistent. That means that on Amazon (and usually on Smashwords), all the novels in the two series are $2.99, the stand-alone novellas are $1.99 and the short story (Silver Chains) is $0.99.

So in the sale, the novels are $1.50, the novellas are $0.99 and the short story is free.

The coupon for the sale price is automatically deducted if you make a purchase.

I’ve noticed that even over yesterday and today the free short story has been taken by quite a few people so obviously Smashwords readers do look at the sale lists, and hopefully it will get my name as an author better known.

When I’ve finished the two series (Living Fae and The Skilled Investigators) I plan to market them as boxed sets but that’s some way off.

Anyway, if you’ve fancied giving my work a try, now’s a good time!

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