Meme adapted for original work.

Someone suggested adapting the AO3 meme for my original work. I found it resulted in a neat summary of my work, which might be of interest to anyone who wants to know what I write but doesn’t need the hassle of trawling through my old WordPress posts. So here we are!

Rules: Go to your Amazon, Smashwords or other works page & answer the following questions!

How many works do you currently have published?
I currently have 10 works, all self published. I also have poetry and ficlets on my WordPress blog.

What’re your most common work ratings?
6 are flagged as adult and 4 are general.

What’s your most common warning?
I suppose mm romance/sex or fantasy

Least common warning?
Not really applicable but I don’t write horror and I don’t write crime from a criminal pov.

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
As I said for fanfic, I’m not sure what other people consider adventurous! I write in a few genres, fantasy, crime and romance. Sometimes a book will have more than one of these. I adapt my style for different series and for that matter for different volumes. For instance, the first volume of Living Fae is in diary form. I don’t write much kink though have some ménage (four male fae) sections in my Living Fae series. I tend to steer clear of too much violence, and the sex, whilst sometimes explicit, is usually vanilla. So – wide ranging within a limited set of genres. I also write poetry and critiques of others’ writing. On my friends-locked social media sites I have written travel blogs and have vague ideas of publishing those some day. The Living Fae series grew out of a children’s book (no sex or violence…) which is also available following the link at the end of the next volume to be published.

How many works have you made in each pairing category?
I have written mm, mmmm, mf and ff in Living Fae. In that series I have also explored interspecies relationships such as werewolf/fae romance. In The Skilled Investigators series there is an mm sub plot but there is never any explicit sex which is why the series is not flagged as adult. My 4 stand-alone books are all mm.

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
I enjoy exploring different cultures and culture clash. Both fantasy (fae and elves) and mm romance fall into this category. So yes, there’s a preference for anything that is not typically conventional and for issues that might lead to problems of various kinds. I also like revisiting folk tales and giving their elements a new twist.

What are your works?
Living Fae: Modern fae, living on Alderley Edge in Cheshire, UK.
Volume 1: Growing Up Fae. (Harlequin, the narrator, grows up, moves to The Edge, and ends up with Yarrow.)
Volume 2: Tales from Tara. (Harlequin and Yarrow spend time, separately, at the court in Tara and we see the start of the ménage with Starling and Ferdy.)
These are published. Volume 3: Flying Free, which follows the stories of Harlequin’s siblings, is in the final formatting process and Volume 4: On The Edge is currently with my editor. That will complete the series and bring all the stories up to date but as I said above there is also the children’s book, Answering Amanda, available to readers of Flying Free. Or, if you’re interested, comment here!
The Skilled Investigators: Elf detectives in a fantasy kingdom.
Volume 1: The Scroll. (Genef has to struggle to solve a murder and start her training as an Investigator, assisted by her dragon friend.)
Volume 2: The Market. (Genef, her brother Fel, and the dragon, Scratch, sail to the Spice Islands to track down some stolen royal property.)
Volume 3: The Crown. (Genef, Rath, her mentor, and Scratch journey to the Ice Country in search of a missing crown.)
Volume 4: The Lantern, (Genef, Rath and Scratch investigate murders in Cave, Rath’s home town. Rath and Fel are forming a tentative relationship.)
I have just sent Volume 5: The Road (Genef and Rath go undercover in the human kingdom of Norveria) to be edited, and the final volume of the series (no title yet) is still in note form.
Silkskin and the Forest Dwellers. A prince of mediaeval Zimbabwe meets a merchant prince of Benin. Loosely based on the legend of Snow White.
The Lord of Shalott. The cross-dressing lord of Shalott meets Lancelot then Merlin.
Three Legends. An mm retelling of the Northumbrian Jingling Geordie, an invented legend about early mm relationships, and a contemporary ‘mystery’ about a new boyfriend and some loss of time.
Silver Chains. Angus is a country lawyer who meets Damien, a city bartender, online.
A further stand-alone, Beating Hearts, is in the editing queue. 5 mm short stories, each with a fantasy/supernatural twist.

Are you still active in any of your series, & do you tend to migrate a lot?
Both main series are unfinished from the reader’s point of view. Living Fae is finished in draft form and The Skilled Investigators has one volume to go. I alternate between the two, depending on whether something needs edits, formatting, or writing. I have another novel mostly written but on a ‘back burner’ till those series are complete. It might be the first volume of a new series.

What are the main relationships in your stories?

Living Fae has an overall main focus on Harlequin and Yarrow.
The Skilled Investigators has a sub plot with a focus on Fel and Rath.
Silkskin in Silkskin and the Forest Dwellers meets a merchant prince of Benin.
The Lord of Shalott meets Lancelot and later Merlin.
Angus, in Silver Chains, meets Damien. (This is my only book with no fantasy element.)
I won’t list the short stories.

Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
These are ‘my’ characters. I tend to have stories arrive quite well developed in my head. The characters are at liberty to do their own thing with regard to details so long as they stick to the eventual destination… So minor plot points sometimes surprise me but mostly I know in advance who’s who and who they’re going to meet, etc. I suppose that as Living Fae developed I was intrigued by the different cultural attitudes of my fae characters towards sex. Similarly, in The Skilled Investigators I started to explore elvish attitudes to crime and punishment. No puzzlement, but great interest on my part.

What are your top most used tags, & your bottom 2?
The top two are:
and at the bottom are all the multitude of things I don’t write about but also contemporary romance.

Romance in general comes in between because The Skilled Investigators is primarily fantasy and crime and that’s nearly half my output.

What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
This isn’t really applicable. If I put a contemporary romance into a fantasy world it would in turn become fantasy…

How many WIPs do you have currently? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
Living Fae is finished but only two of the books are published so far. The Skilled Investigators needs another two volumes. One is finished and one is in note form. I have every intention of finishing it. The Virgin and the Unicorn is the book on the back burner, but it is mostly written and just needs some editing and amendments. Once I’ve started something I don’t like abandoning it. I might alter it a lot – for instance, the first volume of The Skilled Investigators was originally written in first person and I felt obliged to change it. If anything isn’t worth finishing I delete it immediately and don’t give it another thought.

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