A Goblin Sweetheart – poem.


One of my online gaming characters was a young goblin who had just left home to seek his fortune – and maybe love. I wrote the poem in response to a call from a fellow player for poems related to our games. He printed it in his newsletter. The goblin’s name is pronounced Vu-ru-zu-vul. (Goblins don’t see the purpose of vowels.) The Cannis Sea was in our gaming world, sadly defunct but still a source of inspiration from time to time. Vrzvl also scribbled a picture of what he thought his sweetheart might look like…


Vrzvl’s haiku dream


Hair as green as leaves

Tangled like curling spring ferns

Round a grinning face.


Eyes as big as moons,

Deep as the dark Cannis Sea,

Full of wild mischief.


Teeth as sharp as rocks

In a mouth wide as the sky;

Lips open for me.


Arms, thin, taut as wire

And hands like soft twig brushes

Caressing my face.


In my dreams you walk.

Where shall I find you in life,

My goblin sweetheart?


I have vague intentions, some day, of writing a novel or novella with Vrzvl as one of the characters.

2 thoughts on “A Goblin Sweetheart – poem.

    • Thanks for commenting! I sometimes wonder whether anybody reads my posts… My goblin character wasn’t in Harlequin’s ‘world’ but there was some transference. I have permission from my fellow-gamers to use my own characters and the general ‘world’ to write something, but as usual, it’s on a back burner!

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