15 favourites (and another 15)


Fellow writer Sheenah Himes posted a list of authors. She said:

The Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors that you will always auto-buy
List the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag at least 5 friends, including me, because I’m interested in seeing what authors my friends enjoy and I always like to add to my TBR !!
By the way any one that sees this please feel free to join in on it!! I want to see as many authors as I can under this!!

I don’t auto-buy anything, even bread or milk, but I do look out for particular authors. I didn’t spend much time on this and I will have left out important names – yours might well be one of them! But some are absent either because so far I’ve only read one work/series and my mental jury is still out, or I’ve liked most of their stuff and then come across something they wrote that I found really dire and that has made me wary. Or, in one sad case (Ruth Sims) because the writer died so I know there’ll be no more. For the same reason my second list doesn’t include writers like Tolkien or Pratchett, or any of the ‘classics’. The names are not in any kind of order, either alphabetical or favoured! Just instant response.

I needed two different lists… (and it still only took 15 minutes)

1. m/m romance including detective/fantasy/contemporary

Rhys Ford

J.C. Charles

Harper Fox

Heidi Cullinan

Alex Beecroft

Charlie Cochet

Chris Quinton

Alexandr Voinov

Jaime Reese

Jordan Castillo Price

Keira Andrews

Tamara Allen

Joanna Chambers

Angela Benedetti

Sarah Granger

2. longer, less genre-specific (though some have m/m elements) novels including detective/fantasy/contemporary

Alyx J. Shaw

Anel Viz

Tanya Huff

Seanan McGuire

Naomi Novik

Ben Aaronovitch

Deborah Harkness

Tracy Chevalier

Sharon Penman

Stephen King

Neil Gaiman

Lindsey Davis

Kate Elliott

Phil Rickman

Ian Rankin

Consider yourself tagged, because, like Sheenah, I love to see what other people read and enjoy.

The picture is the story tree outside Marple library, in Cheshire, UK.

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