My new novel is published

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‘The Market’, the second volume in my fantasy detective series ‘The Skilled Investigators’ has now gone ‘live’ on Smashwords and Amazon.

My heroine, an elf called Genef, started her training as an investigator in the first volume, ‘The Scroll’. Her ambition to be a detective became entangled in a very personal case involving a serial killer. She was assisted by her brother, Fel, and a young dragon, Scratch, who was accidentally imprinted on her at his hatching.

After a successful conclusion and the gifting to Genef of two ‘skills’, one from one of the killer’s victims and one from the guild of investigators as she was accepted, Genef was given an assignment that would take her overseas in search of some stolen royal jewels.

Fel and Scratch accompany her in this second story. What should be a straightforward investigation into theft and a retrieval of the goods suddenly turns darker with murder and kidnapping. Fel and Scratch are in danger and Genef is without help, her mentor having remained in Lonis. She solves the crimes but not all the jewels are found, leaving the way open for a third volume.

In fact, there are six volumes planned altogether in the series. ‘The Crown’ is written but needs some editing and minor rewrites before formatting.

When I published ‘The Scroll’ I created some free coupons on Smashwords to give to people who agreed to write reviews there. However, the reviews did not materialise and I have decided this time to keep the coupons for my betas and others who have in some way helped me.

Marketing ‘The Market’ is a conundrum. The book does stand alone but would probably be more appealing to anyone who had read ‘The Scroll’. I am telling you about it here and would love it if anyone reblogged this post. One or two writer friends have kindly offered publicity on their blogs in the form of reviews, interviews, etc.

A word of warning. If you have an e-reader that is not a Kindle, use Smashwords if you’re going to buy! They have various formats, including mobi which can be uploaded to a Kindle, whereas Amazon only deliver to Kindle or the Kindle app.

Here are the pages to visit:



2 thoughts on “My new novel is published

  1. I’ve been so very absent from WP for so very long (and from original writing related things in general… poetry muse is wasting under work stuff I feel). That is to say: very late congratulations on getting the editing sorted! Hurrah for second in the series being out 😀

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