A question

74. question

This is my writing blog. I use it for all kinds of things connected with my own writing, other people’s writing, and writing in general. I have another blog for more personal stuff.

I intend to use this as a kind of website – I have a website (under another name) but it’s full of fanfiction and reviews. My fanfiction is now all hosted on Archive Of Our Own and most of my reviews are either here or on my personal blog so I’m intending to scrap the website when the payment comes due again, and use this as my main site.

I’ve noticed two things about this blog. The first is that most of the people who comment are people who also connect with me on other sites or in other ways. The second is that whenever I post poetry I gain more ‘likes’ and new ‘followers’ but virtually no comments. Interesting!

I want to ‘advertise’ my writing here, as well as discussing writing, so I’m considering posting short flashfics. Some time ago I belonged to a writing group where we used prompts and encouraged each other to write. I drifted away from the group, for all sorts of ‘real life’ reasons, but I still have copies of all my prompt responses. I’ve been looking through them and think some of them might appeal to readers so I will start occasionally posting. And with some pieces I might alter them either a little or a lot. They were all written quite quickly and it could be interesting to work on them. There probably won’t be many comments because my ‘usual’ commenters are drawn from people who have almost certainly seen the pieces before. But maybe I can entertain others?

What do you think? Might people read?

2 thoughts on “A question

  1. Yes, do post. Flashfics are great. Are we talking the same group that I was a member of? I compiled many of mine into an anthology and self-published it. It has sold a few copies.

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