Roll up! Roll up! Get your sci-fi here!


Get a free e-copy of Quest for Knowledge – Volume 1 of the FirstWorld Saga by Christopher Jackson-Ash by downloading it from Amazon before 5th February.

You should also get – though I’m not sure if this only applies to UK customers – the chance to buy other popular sci fi Kindle books for 99p each instead of their normal price.

I’ve been an intrigued ‘first reader’ of Christopher’s series and can assure you that there is plenty of heroic fantasy to please lovers of the genre in this story of Simon and his sword. I won’t go into detail – you can read the Amazon blurb – but this is the start of an epic tale of swords, sorcery, the multiverse and an Australian student who is catapulted into the middle of it all.

As it’s free, you lose nothing by giving it a chance, and you might end up liking the concepts and the writing enough to follow the rest of the volumes to come. At least two more are ready and waiting to be published, and I know a fourth is in the pipeline. There is also a website with extra tales and information:


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