Publicity for FirstWorld – a fantasy.

This is an unusual post for me as it is totally concerned with someone else’s work. Despite the tag, it’s publicity rather than a review.

I gained some friends through an online writing group and have since met most of them personally; when one of them gets work published I’m delighted. In this case, the route to publication has been self-publishing, which as you know, is my own preferred course of action. But Chris has been braver than me and has become his own publisher, selling from his websites as well as through Amazon. His websites went live this month and I said I would help to publicise them.

The author website, gives you the links to the others, but check it out anyway; it has a lot more than links and is an introduction to the author.

I was privileged to be a ‘first reader’ of his FirstWord saga, though I still haven’t reached the end of the story. It’s a long epic in the high fantasy genre, centred on themes of the multiverse, time travel, and a universal hero. (And of course there’s a sentient sword.) There are also fascinating allusions to the works of fantasy writers like Tolkien and Moorcock. If you enjoy this kind of novel or series of novels – and I’m sure that there will be some among you who are fans of Terry Brooks and similar fantasy authors – give this a try. The website dedicated to the series is hosted by Kris the Bard, the narrator of the books at and the first volume, available there for download, is currently free so you have nothing to lose!

Then there’s something completely different, a website devoted to stories for children. At the moment there’s one story to read online (with a sequel promised) and one to download free. There are two others for a small price and the website has a secure checkout.

The picture at the top of this post isn’t, for once, one of mine. It’s a logo for the FirstWorld series and was created by the very talented artist Chris has retained to illustrate his work.

I wish him all the best with this venture and hope some of you will be interested enough to visit the websites and start reading!

2 thoughts on “Publicity for FirstWorld – a fantasy.

  1. I admire you both for stepping into the world of self publishing, it must be a little scary!! I too wish Chis all the best and hope readers take the opportunity to delve into his work and the world he has created.

    • It will be interesting to hear how his sales go, with the free volume, etc.

      Yes, self publishing is scary, but at least the books are ‘out there’ rather than being turned away by an increasingly contracted industry.

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