Meeting (a poem)



Words skip across the internet
falling rowdily into emails,
excited and on edge
with the thrill of planning.

They tumble from mobiles
texted with trembling fingers
(on a train then on a bus)
with the joy of arrival.

A few gush (from the same mobiles)
identifying time and place,
worried and intense
with the concerns of finding.

Many bound across a table top
skirting drinks and food,
relaxed and confident
with the pleasure of the moment.

At last they sigh into the night air
slipping softly into departure,
glad, sad, remembering
until needed again.

8 thoughts on “Meeting (a poem)

  1. Aww I really loved this. Not sure if it was your intention but it definitely made me think of fan meets 🙂 I especially liked the second verse.

    • It wasn’t specifically about fan meets but certainly I was thinking in particular of meeting with people only previously met online! (Example: our first meeting in Manchester…) Fandom has perhaps contributed to quite a bit of that!! I’m glad you liked it!

    • Thanks Nick! Glad you liked it! I always seem to get a lot more ‘hits’ when I post poems (though not necessarily comments) – maybe there are a lot of poetry-lovers out there looking for posts!

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