I have used unicorns as characters in my series of ‘fae’ novels. A few years ago I was looking for art to decorate the fae blog I was writing to expand my ideas, when I came across a website of unicorn illustrations and ‘information’. I got into online conversation with the site owner and ended up writing a poem for the site. The site is not actually to my taste – the unicorns there are too sweet and innocent – which is why I’m not advertising it here. But I thought you might like to see what I wrote. The piece is another series of haiku-style verses. I am, by the way, well aware that these are only a modern and western approximation of the haiku, and not true to the Japanese concept.

Unicorns at play 

In the moon’s white light

We play in our soft meadow

Dancing over grass.

Beneath the gold stars,

Piercing the dark of the land,

Our bright horns shimmer.

While the black clouds roll

Our manes flicker with lightning

And our hooves thunder.

At dusk in the trees

You may see a faint shining

Welcoming the night.

When dawn opens day

Our shadows might still linger

In a loving heart.

As you can see, I still haven’t persuaded Word10 to agree with me on line spacing, and by the time whatever I’ve typed reaches WordPress the spacing seems to be set in stone. I’ve tried retyping, to no avail.

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