While our music gently plays – a poem

I’ve been somewhat absent – our Portuguese internet provision is erratic to say the least. The lemons in our garden are erratic too. Now I’m back in the UK and back online. So to get another post in before the end of the month I thought I’d share a poem I wrote some time ago, originally for a gamer who was also a musician.

While my music gently plays.

There are goblins playing in our streets tonight;
Sharp teeth snapping,
Thin hands clapping,
While my guitar gently sings.

There are ogres creeping past our gate tonight;
Large ears swivelled,
Huge feet muffled,
While your drums gently thrum.

There are orcs standing at our corner tonight;
Fierce arms folded,
Wild faces calmed,
While my pipe gently thrills.

There are elves travelling on our road tonight;
Bright eyes laughing,
Wide mouths grinning,
While your accordion gently hums.

There are warriors knocking at our door tonight;
Shields held proudly,
Swords shining boldly,
While my cymbals gently clash.

There are creatures pasing through our town tonight;
Filling your dreams,
Playing my games,
While our music gently plays.

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