I write like…

I found an amusing site. http://iwl.me/

If you load a sample of your writing, a few paragraphjs rather than a single sentence, it tells you which famous author you can compare yourself with…

Of course, if you have a variety of styles for different genres, there might be problems. I uploaded some of my non-fiction writing.

It told me I write like Cory Doctorow.

Now, I’d heard of him, but I’d never read a single word. Research showed me he writes sci-fi so I bought a novella for my Kindle. And that he’s a founder member of EFF, fighting to protect the internet against things like SOPA, P~IPA and ACTA. Someone I could be proud to emulate, then. I did more research and ended up subscribing to his blog. All because of an idle moment internet surfing!!

10 thoughts on “I write like…

  1. Wonderful. I just had to try it and posted a paragraph taken at random from ‘Quest for Knowledge’. I’m so pleased with the out come. Can you guess? J.R.R Tolkien

    • A no-brainer, really! But it’s nice to know for sure!

      I recently wrote some fanfic for a challenge to write ‘in the style of…’ You could choose your author, or ask for a prompt. I chose Tolkien and found it quite difficult. According to my betas I kept lapsing into modern idiom.

      Doctorow is a Canadian lawyer, as well as a sci-fi writer so I expect we had similar training.

  2. I probably should have stopped at that point.

    No, I thought, let’s see what it makes of the professional business report that I’m currently working on.

    Dan Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It says Robert Louis Stevenson or Douglas Adams or James Joyce for fiction.
    And H. P. Lovecraft for non-fiction, twice tested, different ones.

    I’d rather get reaffirmation for Douglas Adams. *g*

    • Yes – random!! However, it introduced me to Cory Doctorow and whilst his fiction writing isn’t necessarily to my taste, his non-fiction and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are definitely a worthwhile discovery.

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