Mimosa Clearance


The road crew came, setting

out their small signs

and taking

the business of directing

traffic very seriously.

Red for stop

Green for go

Yellow for the mimosa

they were cutting




Sad to see the blossom


at the height of its pride

but in a few weeks

there would be interdictions

against bonfires.

Few landowners

would want

to store

and squirrel

the wood against the winter cold.

The heavier timber


would keep flames


when the flowers

were just a dream

but the yellow flames

of the mimosa blooms

would not warm

the woodstoves

when the world turned

again to ice.

And without

the harvesting

the flames would burn

wild and bright

in the summer sun.

So the road crew did

what had to be done,

and moved on.

Note: Wikipedia and various other sources assure us that mimosa is a tropical weed that has spread to Europe and we know the roadside trees and shrubs are a fire hazard but the flowers are some of the first colours of spring and are simply glorious.